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Offshore Energy

Oil & Gas

The offshore oil and gas industry is a mature, well-regulated industry with well-defined metocean and environmental data requirements.

Partrac has provided metocean and seabed data and surveys for new wellhead sites, proposed pipeline routes, LNG developments and decommissioning operations worldwide.

Partrac can provide the following services to the oil and gas industry in US coastal and continental shelf waters.

Partrac provides the following services to oil and gas:

  • Metocean services
  • Baseline environmental survey
  • Benthic survey
  • Sediment mobility & scour

Partrac Geomarine shares the health, safety and welfare ethos of the industry, and works to clients’ policies and management systems.

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Offshore Wind

The offshore wind industry in the US is poised to make a growing contribution to US energy markets, with continued growth expected in the coming years.

Partrac GeoMarine has a strong track record in offshore renewables gained from over a decade of experience in more than 15 offshore wind installations in the UK North Sea and Europe (German and French waters). Partrac supports clients throughout the development and life cycle of their projects from oceanographic surveys, licensing, environmental baseline surveys through to geo-technical investigations, operational real-time metocean data collection and post-installation monitoring.

Partrac provides the following services to the offshore wind industry:

  • Metocean/oceanographic survey
  • Baseline environmental survey
  • Sediment & scour monitoring
  • Cable route surveys
  • Consultancy (scour, seabed mobility, EIA, cables)

Wave & Tidal Energy

The wave and tidal energy industry is expected to experience significant growth in the US in the next decade, moving from prototype devices to grid connected demonstration units.
Wave and tidal sites present some unique data acquisition challenges and require innovation and careful planning to provide high-quality data at exposed sites with high current speeds and energetic wave conditions.

Partrac has a strong track record of working with wave and tidal energy developers. We have undertaken numerous tidal resource assessments and environmental surveys at high-energy sites across the UK and Europe and are fully capable of undertaking similar surveys in the US.

Partrac provides the following services to the wave and tidal industry:

  • Oceanographic survey
  • Turbulence data acquisition
  • Sediment and scour monitoring
  • Management of geotechnical investigations
  • Baseline environmental survey