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Ports, Harbours & Dredging

Ports & Harbours


Partrac GeoMarine provides dredge, environmental and construction monitoring for marine developments and aggregate extraction. Much of our work is associated with monitoring dredging and reclamation activities to ensure that environmental license conditions are adhered to.

Partrac Geomarine provides the following services to the dredging, aggregate, port and marine construction industries:

  • Dredge monitoring
  • Online dredge monitoring buoys
  • Dredge plume survey
  • Contaminated sediment surveys
  • Sediment sampling and analysis
  • Baseline environmental survey
  • Sediment and water quality monitoring
  • Sediment tracing

Marine Civil Engineering

Coastal and marine civil engineering projects require data on a variety of fronts to deliver, including that required for calibration / validation of models, marine monitoring to meet regulatory requirements (e.g. piling noise restrictions) and engineering design. Partrac provides the following services to the marine civil engineering sector:

  • Contaminated sediment surveys
  • Sediment sampling for analysis
  • Baseline environmental survey
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Metocean services