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Metocean (Oceanography & Meteorological)

Coastal Services

Partrac is a leading provider of coastal oceanographic surveys, with experience throughout the UK and worldwide.

We provide a range of services from drogue tracking and dye tracing in support of dispersion and dilution monitoring, through to more complex surveys including seabed ADCP deployments and vessel mounted current profiling.

Partrac’s expertise includes:

  • Survey design, planning and management
  • License applications
  • Seabed ADCP and AWAC deployments
  • Vessel mounted ADCP survey
  • Turbulence surveys
  • Dilution and circulations studies
  • Drogue and dye tracing
  • CTD and current profile surveys
  • Tidal level measurement
  • Water quality monitoring (e.g. dissolved oxygen and turbidity)
  • Data processing and analysis using in-house Matlab scripts
  • High quality reporting, clear concise data & interpretation

Online measurement systems

Acquisition of marine data continuously and in real-time is critical to a range of applications including compliance dredge monitoring, offshore operational planning and offshore construction activities.

We have a range of online marine monitoring systems available for the measurement of waves, currents, tides, wind, and water quality including turbidity. We provide integrated measurement solutions and a complete data telemetry solution (UHF/VHF, GSM, Satellite), including web-based software packages to access the data.


Metocean Criteria & Desk Studies

At Partrac GeoMarine, we have expert knowledge of establishing optimal metocean design criteria.

Accurate quantification of metocean conditions is essential for the safe and efficient design, and operation, of offshore installations. A metocean design basis combines information from detailed analyses of wind, wave, current, water level and other metocean parameters. It accounts for extreme environmental conditions associated with return periods of 100 years and beyond.

We deliver high quality metocean data and expert interpretation to support both preliminary and detailed design. All of our design criteria reports are prepared to relevant international standards (e.g. DNV, ISO and IEC) to meet the rigorous requirements of the offshore industry and certification authorities.

Partrac’s expertise includes:

  • Extreme Value Analysis. Peaks Over Threshold, Block Maxima, Initial Distribution
  • Combining Short and Long Term Distributions e.g. Battjes, Tromans and Vanderschuren
  • Joint Distributions e.g. Conditional, Heffernan and Tawn, Environmental Contours
  • Extreme Total Water-Levels
  • Wave Fatigue Analysis
  • Breaking Wave Assessment

How can Partrac GeoMarine help?

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