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Sediment Tracing

Sediment Tracing (Particle Tracking)

Sediment Tracing or Particle Tracking is a technique which uses uniquely identifiable tracer particles to directly monitor the movement of sediments, soils, anthropogenic particulates, organic material, contaminants and microbes.

The method can be applied to a range of environments and study contexts to investigate and determine source-sink relationships, the nature and location of the transport pathways and the rate of transport.

Applications include:

  • Coastal management and process assessment studies
  • Bioturbation studies
  • Dredge monitoring and disposal surveys
  • Contaminated sediment transport and fate studies
  • Windblown sediment transport studies
  • Marine larvae transport studies
  • Scaled physical modeling and related studies
  • Soil erosion monitoring
  • Urban sediment transport

Partrac GeoMarine is considered the global expert in Particle Tracking. We design and undertake tracer studies for our clients, including defining study objectives, tracer specification, field deployment and sampling design, tracer analysis and reporting. We use our portfolio of unique proprietary tracers which are manufactured in our ISO 9001 accredited facility.

Recent clients in the U.S. include:

Clients include:


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