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Custom-made Marine Instrumentation & Monitoring Solutions

Benthic flumes, cohesive strength meters and online systems.

Partrac GeoMarine is a technology-led company with a flair for innovation, and looks to use technology in projects to the benefit of our clients. We manufacture a number of custom-made marine instruments which measure seabed stability and which support our geomarine activities. We also operate a fleet of online marine monitoring systems for the measurement of waves, tides and water quality.

Voyager series Benthic Flumes

We operate two benthic flumes for the in situ measurement of sediment stability – these are seabed lander systems designed for coastal and offshore use.

The flumes are submersible marine instruments which are deployed on the seabed or channel bottom, and provide a direct measure of seabed stability, and a number of other erosional and depositional parameters. The flumes are suited to a wide variety of applications including scour rate assessment, contaminated sediment resuspension and numerical model validation-calibration. We operate the smaller Voyager I system, which is suited to fluvial and shallow water/coastal and intertidal applications, and the larger Voyager II system, suitable for offshore water depths up to 200 m.

Cohesive Strength Meter (CSM)

The Cohesive Strength Meter (CSM) is a highly versatile, field portable instrument used to measure the critical erosion shear stress, erosion rate and settling velocity of muddy and silty sediments.

The CSM has found widespread application in intertidal and fluvial environments, in managed retreat and agricultural research programs and for the measurement of sediment stability in seabed cores.

Partrac GeoMarine manufactures, operates and sells the Cohesive Strength Meter. For more information see

Online Systems

Acquisition of marine data continuously and in real-time is critical to a range of applications including compliance dredge monitoring, offshore operational planning and environmental impact assessment.

We have a range of online marine monitoring systems available for the measurement of waves, currents, tides, wind, and water quality including turbidity. We provide integrated measurement solutions and a complete data telemetry solution (UHF/VHF, GSM, Satellite), including web-based software packages to access the data.